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Employee Compensation & HR Practices in Pork Production Details

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PQA Plus® vs 3.0 Handbook Details

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Cooking For Comfort Cookbook Details

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Product ThumbnailAnalog Meat Thermometer w/ Pocket Sleeve & Clip02310$6.35 USD1 / Each19
Product ThumbnailDigital Meat Thermometer02311$5.35 USD1 / Each281
Product ThumbnailCook'd Right Sensors (Thermometer)02747$0.10 USD1 / Each102900
Product ThumbnailPortable Pork Plate02761$1.00 USD1 / Each1241
Product ThumbnailJavelin Thermometers02767$12.00 USD1 / Each4099
Product ThumbnailBamboo Cookbook and Tablet Stand02778$14.00 USD1 / Each42
Product ThumbnailSilicone BBQ Brush02789$1.00 USD1 / Each25
Product ThumbnailPiggy Cutting Board02803$1.54 USD1 / Each4627
Product ThumbnailBlack Apron - Disposable02814$0.75 USD1 / Each443
Product ThumbnailWe Care℠ Elevation Cooler (9can)02824$11.50 USD1 / Each475
Product ThumbnailWe Care℠ Celebration Cooler (32 cans)02825$16.25 USD1 / Each460
Product ThumbnailPork Apron02833$6.70 USD1 / Each887
Product ThumbnailPork Checkoff Placemats - 25 Per Pack03019
$5.00 USD25 / Each432
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