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Are you here seeking new WMS/OMS fulfillment software? If so, let us give you a reason to look no further.

Since 1998 our singular focus & expertise has been fulfillment. Direct Response™ has never been an afterthought. It is designed, managed & supported by fulfillment specialists with over 40 years of real world fulfillment experience, dedicated to you & your success. As a boutique software house we are not catering to thousands of customers but to your specific needs; customized solutions, communication practices, efficiency & customer dedication.

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Direct Response™ is the fulfillment first
software of choice

Designed specifically for 3PL warehouses seeking best in class support, and modern
powerful features, in an easy to use and maintenance free package.

Warehouse Management
Direct Response™ provides the structure to
master inventory control throughout the item
Order Management
Whether picking indvidual orders in real-time or batching them into waves for mass picking, Direct Response™ has you covered.
E-commerce Cart Integration
Our powerful tools not only allow you to set up a cart integration in minutes, but also provide ongoing insight into the communications between systems.
Customer Management
Scale and adhere to the many business rules that define each of your customers. Configure each account with control over branding, order flow, user profiles, and inventory attributes.
Direct Response™ reporting will keep you and your customers up to date with live metrics and hundreds of standard reports that can be requested on demand or scheduled for automatic delivery.
Fulfillment Platform
Integrate with outside systems via the Direct Response™ REST API and become truly seamless with front and back end processes. Close the loop with our powerful event system for pushing notifications in real-time to other systems.
Our Process

We take pride in our 3 part process to
evalutate, implement, and support your
account on an ongoing basis.

The Direct Response™ staff is dedicated to being trusted partners with our customers. We understand that every day brings new challenges for fulfillment service providers.

Our commitment to excellence begins with understanding your company's history, where you are in your fulfillment journey, and what we can do to improve your workflow and customer interaction. In this phase we focus on addressing the immediate and future technical and business service needs of:
  • Your team
  • Your operation
  • Your customers
Our support team will work continuously with your key fulfillment staff to ensure a confident rollout of Direct Response™ to your operation and your customers. Your technical, production, and support staff need to feel prepared to transition to a new fulfillment platform and we will be there every step of the way.
We pride ourselves in providing best in class support. Our staff can assist with standard software support & troubleshooting, integration demands, and evaluating customer technical & business process requests. By nature, fulfillment is a challenging environment. Your staff should never feel alone.
Direct EDJE will open your eyes to warehousing, inventory, and
e-commerce made easy!

“If you are looking to step up your customer service and upgrade your warehouse look no further! Coming from a software that was outdated, not end user friendly, and not updated on a regular basis we sought out a software that not only was a fit for us, but was a fit for our customers. One session with the team at Direct EDJE and you will be hooked. They are devoted to making changes to better the system for everyone's experience. The team is very responsive and always willing to help and work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve. They always go above and beyond to better the experience for you and your clients. Direct Response™ will bring things to your attention that you should be accounting for, whether its financial, efficiency, or most of all quality. Our customers' experiences have been night and day since we joined the Direct Response™ team. Customers love the admin privileges, reporting, and all the notifications that are possible. Direct Response™ will make an immediate impact on you and your business!”

David Vinson, Vice President of Operations - Repco Solutions
Revolutionizing the fulfillment software industry

The people and personalities behind Direct Response™ have been assembled to back our promise of being a dedicated partner. The team is ready to implement and support your needs from technical to operational assistance, and all points in between. We don't just build best in class software, we KNOW fulfillment!

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An exceptional turn-key solution delivered entirely as a
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technologies and the cloud.

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