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Emergency Action Plan/Farm Level Crisis CD set: Click to EnlargeEmergency Action Plan/Farm Level Crisis CD set
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This double CD set includes

The emergency action plan provides an outline for you to create a customized plan foryour operation. This tool includes four documents, eachcustomizable for each farm site and hazard type:

  • Operation Information
  • Site Contacts Form
  • Hazard Plan
  • Maintenance/TrainingCalendar

The farm-level crisis response plan outlines the five steps to crisis response and how to assess theintensity level of a crisis. It includes guidance in:

  • Assembling, preparing and activating your crisis team
  • Assessing your areas of vulnerability
  • Determining your most important communication audiences
  • Capturing the information needed to make timely, accurate decisions
  • Taking necessary steps to control the situation using hour-by-hourchecklists

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